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RaymanXBrandy: A New Beginning
RaymanXBrandy: A New Beginning
Chapter 8: Tired Rayman
It was a typical day and I woken up feeling sleepy cause I was'nt feeling well all night. I was also shivering and felt weak to my feet and hands,but I still stayed strong. I did sneeze a few time too.
Brandy is in the kitchen,making some pancakes.I come in and I felt a tickle in my nose and sneezed.
"Bless you,Ray.Is everything okay?You look terrible?" Brandy says to me as he gives me a tissue to wipe my nose with." I'm...I'm fine,Brandy..." I said in a low toned voice and sniffs."Aaa-Choo!!"
I blow my nose again." It sounds like you're sick,Little Fella.You must have caught a cold from the cold weather. It has been getting cold lately?" Brandy said to me as I'm still shaking in one place.
"Come on,Rayman. You should lay down and get some rest. You can't be awake and walking around and not get any rest." Brandy picks me up and puts me on the couch and grabs me a comfy blanket to be wrapped around with."Stay here,and I'll come back
:iconnewbornray:NewbornRay 5 0
Our Baby Heroes by NewbornRay Our Baby Heroes :iconnewbornray:NewbornRay 9 3
These are pictures or comics I'm working on for my future dream job.


Found Page 298 by toddlergirl Found Page 298 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 31 8 Found Page 297[abandonment trigger warning] by toddlergirl Found Page 297[abandonment trigger warning] :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 37 38 Found Page 288 by toddlergirl Found Page 288 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 40 10 Found Page 287 by toddlergirl Found Page 287 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 38 9 Found Page 286 by toddlergirl Found Page 286 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 36 8 Found Page 285 by toddlergirl Found Page 285 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 35 3 Found Page 284 by toddlergirl Found Page 284 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 32 9 Found Page 283 by toddlergirl Found Page 283 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 34 6 Found Page 282 by toddlergirl Found Page 282 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 29 7 Found Page 281 by toddlergirl Found Page 281 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 36 3 Found Page 280 by toddlergirl Found Page 280 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 34 4 Found Page 279 by toddlergirl Found Page 279 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 32 3 Found Page 278 by toddlergirl Found Page 278 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 33 3 Found Page 277 by toddlergirl Found Page 277 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 40 11 Found Page 276 by toddlergirl Found Page 276 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 34 1 Found Page 275 by toddlergirl Found Page 275 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 40 2
I have this for ideas to help me out with new ideas for stuff I'm working on.




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I have a new version of Rayman as a newborn. It will take place in a alternate universe to where he was the main target to the new enemy,Ales Mansey and his crew and want to take him to prevent him from stopping their control of the Glade of Dreams. But,Team Glade,Betilla and her sisters, are responsible for watching over him. Rayman,as a newborn, is very curious and adventurous, and loves to explore, but this can also get him caught in dangerous situations with Ales' evil grunts. It's the battle against Good and Evil! Which side will keep the newborn hero, and what new things will happen in this tale of the hero of light.

Come and join the fun in this new story.(P.S. this story is only a spin-off and not compared to any story I've already made and will have different events in this story.)


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Mia Douga
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United States
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I'm the Newborn hero, Rayman(A.K.A. Rayman Ancel.)
I'm the future guardian of the Glade of Dreams!
I am here to stop any danger that comes to my world!
So,believe in me and always remember I'm here for you!
~Rayman Ancel

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